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    Splash Guards - did anyone tested it?

    I was wondering ig anyone have some kind of experience with Splash Guards. Is it really works??

    Thank you guys!

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    Jun 2010
    I'm sure it depends a lot on the design of the ski, but they made a huge difference on my 95 Wave Venture. It got you pretty wet in the chop and this helped tremendously.

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    any thoughts about installing it on the 2002 XLT?

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    Cleveland, Ohio
    I just bought one, however it's about the end of my season up here in Cleveland. Water is getting cold. Probably won't have it on and out again until spring. So depressing.

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    They wok on a GPR good. Where is that from and how much?

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    Those are made for the girls, so they don't get wet............HE HE HE HE HE ..............

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    They work awesome on the xlts, no bow spray!!!

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    +1 to that.... Had one on mine, really made a difference, especially with offshore riding. What usualy happens is that when the hull splashes down, the spray goes straight up and you ride through it. With these, it deflects a lot of it.

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    I' have had one on mine since it was new from Riva... Works great and keeps most of the spray off of you.. I came off of a 96 1100 raider that would drown you with bow spray.. Bought a fiberglass one for that ski and it really made a difference.. You still would get some spray but nothing like what is was without it.. Oh and I am riding a 2004 Riva Racing GPR...Riva installed the splash guard when I bought the ski new in 2004... I have to wear glasses full time for vision correction, so anything to keep the spray down is a blessing..

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    It is a must for rough water riders. Do some serious research on how it is installed. Most used large washers as a backing. I used aluminum 3/4 inch flat bar cut into about 3 inch strips. If you do not snug it down firmly, the wave action will just tear it right off. It should not hang down to low either, or else the wave action will fold it underneath the lip of the deck.

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