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    can i bypass the relay to test the starter?

    Hey again.

    I haven't ordered the relay yet ... but, I'm pretty sure I will soon.

    My friend and I were thinking this could be a starter issue as well and are trying to figure out a way to diagnose it (as it looks like it is a bit cumbersome to remove ... ie I'm kinda lazy lol )

    So, how damaging would it be to 'hard wire' or make a temp connection that would bypass the relay? I'm thinking something similar to a screwdriver across the terminals. I would be sure to make it where the connection could be severed quickly/easily once the motor begins to find an idle.

    Just something to test to see if the starter will respond properly to a real current/activation.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks again.

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    I have not done it on my Honda but did on my old seadoo.

    I woodn't not do it with all the electronics on board if you fry one you will have lots of problems and costs.

    Second if you have any fuel build up with any sparks you may find you're self next door quickly than expected.

    Try a volt meter on the starter motor but note 12 volts but you may not have any current to run the motor.

    Safest way take out the starter motor put in a vice and then do temporary connections then try to stop the gear with a piece of wood you shouldn't be able to stop it with a piece of pine.

    Disconnect battery first.
    Check all connections on relay first clean them and fuse box.

    Regards Xdrian

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    99% of the time, it's the relay, not the starter. about a 100$ have replaced them on an 05 after less than 90 hours on it. I would get one, have it on hand, as it will go at some point. If not, someone will need one that you know at some point, and you will be a hero.

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    A wire looped into a u shape with the ends spliced works great. Get a diagram of the terminal pin outs so you know what to jump. I have never had problems jumping relays even on newer cars.

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    Anything? Did you figure it out?

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    Well ... it appears the relay I purchased is NOT the one I removed (and assumed was the issue.)

    I removed my relay which is located inside the little black plastic box where the battery terminal wire leads to. The little black box is directly below the grease fitting under the rear seat.

    I updated the other thread with more specific info. I'm not curious about bypassing the STARTER relay now. I don't even know if that is the problem.

    This went from a 'simple relay' fix to now more than one relay can go bad ... and the part numbers are not consistent between retailers either.
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