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    Stock or aftermarket sponsons xlt 1200

    Stay stock or go aftermarket

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    HI most people will probably say aftermarket but i just fitted a Riva set on my XLT1200 (2004) and i must say am unsure if i like them or not will have another trip out to try again .

    For my riding in the sea in rough conditions although the Riva might track better i think it has introduced a bounce into the front. Just my results .

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    i have the worx ones on my xlt and they are set at the highest so its not the best setting for handling but it feels more precise than the stockers did. and if nothing else it looks cool.

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    Steved: what part number were your Riva sponsons?
    LETHAL RX7: how do you like the Worx? have you tried them in the lower positions? wondering how agressive the are. Thanks
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