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    priming oil lines?

    I just took off my carbs on a 2000 slx so that I could clean them out. My question is can I just put everything back together and run it or do I have to try and get any air bubbles out of the oil lines? Any info would be great. Thanks, Jason

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    You can bleed the hose from oil tank to oil pump using the bleed screw on the oil pump.

    If you can prime the oil lines all the way to the carbs, that is best.

    What many do is add oil to the fuel tank, so that the engine has oil while the air bubbles all get worked through the oil system. Dribble some oil (not a lot) down the carbs, and add pre-mix oil+gas to the fuel tank. Don't just dump oil into the fuel tank, you must mix it with some gasoline first, then add that to the fuel tank. Mix in enough oil to provide a 40:1 ratio for the entire fuel tank contents.

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    Do not run the ski if you don't have oil !!!

    Whenever I do work on the oil system, I make sure to bleed it. If you have air in the hose between the tank and the pump... open the chrome screw on the face of the injection pump. The oil (and air) will flow out.

    To bleed the small hoses to the carbs, start the ski, and at idle speed, hold the pump arm to the "Full Throttle" position. This will give you the max oil flow, and it should push the air out in about 10 to 15 seconds. (it will also smoke like crazy)


    1) if you are going to run it for longer than 15 seconds... hook it to a garden hose to keep the engine cool.
    2) I like to run one tank of fuel at 50:1 to be safe, after working on the oil system.

    There is very little chance of hurting the engine when it's cold, at an idle, and no load on it. But if you get out on the water with low oil... and hit the throttle... you could melt a piston. Also, if you "Bench" bleed the oil injection... you will have a visual check on if it's operating properly.

    Good luck

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    Thanks guys. I just drained my fuel tank and I am about to refil it with some premix. I will also make sure to empty the water seperator bowl (kind of looks like a fuel filter right where the fuel on off switch is) and refil it with premix. This way I will be sure to have oil in my gas. I will most likely start it on land a few times and let it idle before I ever ride it. Actually, the season here is about over so the first ride may not be until may. Jason

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