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    MOTEC 10+++

    Last week or so been chatting with pete from motec and today finnaly had a chance to catch up and check the ecu out in action , he had a stock class rxpx and i had a chance to have a ride and wowwww was a i impressed my 1st impression was this is in way a stock ski but pete informed me that it was bone stock apart from the ecu i still could not belive a bone stock px can perform so well , the ecu pushes all the right buttons and really goth the ski moving , i dont no how fast i was going but it didnt stop pulling the ski from start to the finish , a job well done to all the guys at motec

    and as for pete 10+++ great guy very helpfull , the amount of info,help and advice he gave in a short amount of time i spent with him none of the dealers i came a cross ever did

    anyone thinking of buying one of his kits should not think twice , the product is excllent the support is great and ppl you will dealing with very reliable

    motec 10+++

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    its on the list..

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    +++ MoTeC

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    I'd say its the way to go on the newer ski's...

    With 4+ ECU's onboard each ski, you can do a lot when fudging the electronics

    And I think you have to fall into one of these categories:

    1. You race your ski
    2. You are a 'must have top of the line' kind of guy
    3. Or you are very performance orientated (And have plenty of money)

    For the average rec guy, its a lot of $ for a product. I'd say if you're considering stage III or higher, then something like this is for you... I say get an impeller, get a MOTEC and get some extra fuel delivery(750cc's + or rising rate)... Leave the rest stock, maybe get another S/C wheel, and you'll have a killer setup on one of the new ski's or go a bit harder and get a valve train lightened... The stock grates are fine on the s3's but every little bit helps.... (Just my opinion)

    Very impressed with their iBR control/switching --- No more 'okay, lets check if the GPS speed is verified --- Okay, bucket up' --- Its there when you want it, not when the ski wants it.

    Also evenly impressed with the rxpx MY10 performance... 8500 rpm FTW!
    Pulls harder than a St. Kilda hooker!

    Video time, nothing too exciting... The iBR switching is awesome, no more delays hey?

    For some reason the video drops frames when viewed on here,
    so here is the link incase someone else is getting low frame rate:

    Motec + S3 + S/C + impeller + valve train lightened = 85 mph+ (IMO.)

    If any other company thinks that iBR modding is a waste of time, they just don't know how to get around the data... If they are selling high end ECU modding/replacements and aren't modding the iBR function, don't waste your money... The iBR modding adds just sooo much more fun to the ski, its hard to explain, but its an extra wow factor and adds just that bit more thrill to the average ride... If its flat and there is no waves to jump and you love goosing around, its well worth getting the iBR function modded.

    All I'm worried about is how much the bucket can take?

    Until one is broken, we won't know...

    Hopefully someone can chime in on that one!!

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    IMO a decent ECU such as the motec is the best investment you can make

    People spend time and money on setting up fuel pressures, mixing and matching injectors and addon controllers when the right way is to have an ecu that can be edited and tuned to suit your circumstance without having to fudge it.

    You buy a few diifferent injectors as you mod your ski to suit and you have paid a big chunk of your motec - where you could just buy big injectors and tune to suit your motors current mods.

    The good thing also about motec is the data logging which helps with tuning under usage conditions, its not like a car that you can just bolt to a dyno and tune it once. (realise there are ways of dynoing them, but not just every corner shop has that ability)

    I cant believe how poor the stock ECUs are. If they were a bit more open then they could be tuned by something like a SCT flash tuner etc

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