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    New issue with 98 XPL

    So After going through the whole motor, oem base gasket oem head gasket

    Compressions 125-125 now.

    Fixed a exh gasket leak.

    I finially got back 6900 rpms back

    but i noticed now the low end is kinda gone

    If cruising at lower rpms 3-4k it sputters.

    I did a plug chop at this rpm and it looked slightly rich a darker brown.

    At WOT it feels GREAT, If you blip the throttle it feels fine at any rpm, just while crusing it breaks up.

    It really doesnt feel to get up and go untill 4-5k rpms then it TAKES right off!

    It had a new water regulator

    New raves

    Jetting is:

    OEM airbox no rams
    2.0 NS
    85 GRAM spring
    80 pilot jet

    Low Speed 2 turns out
    high speed .25 MAG .5 turn PTO

    New Br8es gapped to .020

    Could it be a ignition problem?

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    make sure your RAVEs are not stuck open. if they are, your low end will SUCK until about 5k. otherwise you may be to rich on the low speed settings. try turning them in 1/8 of a turn. if it gets better your on the right track and just need to fine tune it. if worse then go the other way. you'll be able to tell pretty quick.

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