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    Plumbers antifreeze.

    This may seem like a dumb question but I have to ask it. For years we have been winterizing our fleet of seadoo's with green engine antifreeze. Question is, is it alright to use a more environmentally friendly plumbers antifreeze??? Dont see what difference it would make unless it is super corrosive or something.

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    I know someone knows the answer to this!

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "plumbers" antifreeze, but if you are talking about the pink stuff thats non toxic, then absolutly YES its okay, and what you should use. I use -100, because if it mixes with any water, it still protects stuff. If you use teh -50 stuff, if it mixes with even a very small amount of water, it is pretty much useless.

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    I probably winterize 50 or more every year using the pink RV antifreeze and not one problem. It is much better on the environment and a lot safer for any animals that might be hanging around. Plus you don't have to worry about the EPA stopping by !

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    Thanks, I dont want the fish drinking the green stuff anymore thats why I asked. I couldnt find a clear answer in the searches I did.
    Off to the hardware store I gi!

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    rxp s/c
    seadoo does not recomend rv anti freeze as it does not protect inernail aluminum parts.
    its for plastic pipes not seadoos
    use only 100 % prestone not 50/50
    thats all i use .
    i jug of rv a/f is like 4 dollars
    i jug of prestone is like 14 dollars
    for the extra 10 bucks id rather be sure , and know my seadoo is protected from freeze up.
    could be a very costly mistake if you use rv a/f.
    thats just my opionion take it for what its worth.

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    I always use the green stuff full strenght.

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    I use the RV waterline antifreeze.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by rxp s/c View Post
    seadoo does not recomend rv anti freeze as it does not protect inernail aluminum parts.
    This is only for winterising - cant see how you would really need corrosion protection seeing as during the summer it would just have raw water in it anyway.

    (or in my case, we dont get freezing temps so its never winterised)

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