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    CDI WR500\WR650 question

    I have two cdi's that I tried to ohm test and both do not read anything.
    I have my digital multimeter set on the 2k ohm scale, also I tried this test on 3 different multimeters and this is my results.

    1) CDI 6M6-00 F8T131871 from a wr650 has no readings on any combination of wires.

    2) CDI 6K8-11 TIA01-52A from a wr500 1989 year ski. Ski was running before dissasembly but having issues. This is probably
    not original cdi for this year because original from my investigations should be 6K8-10 TIA01-52. No readings on any
    combination of wires except the yellow and black was 1,508 ohms.

    Is it at all possible to ohm test these CDI's ?
    Could these CDI's be burned out and showing OPEN on all the leads?
    Could it be I am not performing this test procedure correctly?

    If someone has any of these cdi's can you ohm test them and provide me the values and procedure you used to test them.

    I have searched for a service manual for a 1989 wr500 so I can troubleshoot but have not been very lucky. Found many manuals for newer models but not this year. Not very much information on this ski at all on forums or internet.

    Any help, information, manuals, links to information would be appreciated.

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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	500 cdi.jpg 
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ID:	214960this is out of the 88 yami manual for the 500 unit..all the 500's use the same cdi..(double click picture after it first opens to enlarge)

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    Thanks for the diagram. Looking it over I see that I have to use the 200k Ω scale on my multimeter in order to read the values. The meter I am using is not an auto ranging meter. I am getting very high resistance values for the white/red wire and also the orange wire. I am going to be looking for a spare CDI in the meantime until I can repair this CDI. Maybe when I have it unpotted I will also look into increasing the rev limit. Also I will be looking for another coil because mine is out of spec.

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