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    2001 Virage Spark problem

    Hey guys, I'm new to PWCs. When I turn over my engine I have no spark until I let go of the ignition button, and then I get 1 or 2 sparks.

    I put a DVOM on the Brown wire leaving the CDI and it's putting out around 5 volts until I release it, and once i do that it goes up to around 8.5-9. What the heck can I do to fix this? Please help. The jump in voltage at the end is why I think I get spark.

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    Double and triple check all of your grounds. Make sure they are clean. Replace all of the connectors if you have to to make sure they are all making a good connection.

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    it sounds like your battery is low on voltage you need over 10v while cranking
    charge your battery or hook jumper cables to your car but don't start the car while there hooked up !!!!!!!!

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    +1 on the battery. Battery MUST be strong, or you will not have spark.

    Battery voltage while cranking must be well over 10.6 volts, or you will not have spark.

    If you need a new battery, I recommend a factory sealed AGM type battery. Very good match for PWC use.

    Deka ETX16LM or Odyssey PC625 are good brands.

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    HOOK IT UP TO YOU CAR BATTERY WITH JUMPER CABLES. (with the car turned off).. 99.9% of the time the battery is NFG.. DONT hook it up to a jumper pack or another ski..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Watcon View Post
    ... 99.9% of the time the battery is NFG...
    I agree that very often the existing battery in the ski is no good.

    The typical battery found in a non-starting Polaris is often weak, old, cheap quality when it was new, and non-AGM. Heck, the batteries in running PWC are often cheap and old.

    That said, and knowing the mediocre quality of the batteries most people buy for their watercraft, I suggest people simply go right out and BUY a good battery.

    No need to mess around with jumper cables and the risk of doing something wrong and causing damage.

    We have many stories on the forum of CDI and electrical system damage after boosting a Polaris PWC battery. A new high-quality battery is cheaper and easier to find than replacing the CDI, LR voltage regulator, MFD or stator. Any or all of these can be damaged by incorrect boosting, reversed polarity or voltage spikes.

    Just buy a proper battery (about $100 for a good quality factory sealed AGM battery), put it in and start the engine. No risk, no jumper cables, no messing around.

    You NEED a good battery in any case. Even if boosting the battery works for a test start, the old battery is probably still weak and near the end of its life. So just buy a new, high quality AGM battery and know the battery is good.

    When you are out on the water you want that battery to start the engine every time. Being stranded on the water is no fun and it can even be dangerous depending on where you are when it fails.

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