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    Blocking off intercooler line

    Here is Michigan, the temps have fallen (both air and water), so the makes the R & D intercooler too effective where it is not allowing the engine temp to get high enough to burn off my GIO. I was told the best way to fix this is to block off the line going to put a mini ball shut-off in-line on the extra line going to the oil cooler. So would anyone know which line I'm looking for specifically?

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    Tim, the intercooler has nothing to do with engine operating temps. You want the intercooler to drop air temps as low as possible.

    If you are running the R&D engine/intercooler kit and have installed the optional oil cooler hose then for cooler weather you can put a ball valve on this hose and close it off.

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    I was told by Glenn how to do that so I am assuming I have that option on there. Question is, how do I find that specific line?

    Thank you

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