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    1995 SL 750 will not start : Fuel Problems

    I am not getting any fuel past my pump. It has a triple pump on it. I have checked all the usual stuff. Retrictor in the return line looks good. Fuel on off looks good. it just will not pump fuel in the carbs. engine runs great if i give it starting fluid or blow gas in the carbs. I am lost!

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    How do you know there is no fuel getting into the carbs? If the pump is good, which it probably is, all you need is impulse and fuel coming into the inlet.

    Are you sure the pump is connected correctly, and as low as possible in the hull? Is the impulse line good, and can you feel pressure off it when you crank the engine? Bad reeds on the PTO can cause weak or no impulse, causing no pressure. Only other reasons for no fuel, would be a major issue with how the pump is connected (unlikely), or a hole in one of the diaphragms. And of course if the pump is simply sucking air in from any one of the lines... Its not going to work...

    Check your impulse line, and all other lines for leaks. If theyre factory, replace them.

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    The pump is hooked up correctly and low. As far as the pulse goes it seems to be pulsing. I am not really sure what is a weak pulse but if i unhook the the lines that go to the carbs it shoots fuel out. Let me ask a question though. If my pop off pressure is to high, will that cause a no start issue? aslo i may have some air pulling through lines but if i disconnet my return line at the tank, it has enough pressure to push fuel through the restrictor. The reason why i suspect my pop off pressure is because if i take my air hose and blow into the air inlet, It seems to take quite a bit of pressure to get fuel to come out of the carbs?

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    Welcome to the hulk.

    If your pop off is too high, you will have some problems. What's the pop off set at? What spring color is in there?

    Have you checked the filters inside the carbs?

    Is the fuel pump mounted ABOVE the pulse fitting on the engine case?

    Is/was there any fluid trapped inside the pulse hose?

    Did you use reinforced hose or the soft, clear stuff?

    Have you checked the hose going back to the tank for blockage?

    Is there a vacuum present inside the fuel tank? (try unscrewing the gas cap and see if that helps)

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