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Thread: 66e Cdi Mod?

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    Question 66e Cdi Mod?

    Ok, I know that Pro-Tec sells a modded CDI, but what are my other options? I have modded the 62t-61x CDI before, the main thing I want to do is eliminate the rev limiter. Thanks in advance!

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    anyone...........same as a gp800...........

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    i don't think same as gp800,try the freetyle guys

    later cd

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    Well, 800cc 66e motor out of a sit down. Just thought some of you guys might know something. Thanks for looking.........................Back to the X

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    66E cdi mod

    Pro-tec does the raises the rev limit to 8100rpm, also slight advances the timing.....I've run one for several years with no problems.
    The last one I ran was on a twin piped pump gas set-up.

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    sorry guy misread post ,ya protec only people offering

    later cd

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    Hey Mike how is the big bore going? Did you get it running yet? I am heading down to Fla in a couple of weeks to finally get this thing running and finish the tuning. I havent riddin mine at all yet all season, so gonna take a vacation and head down south for a week or two.
    Will let you know what the numbers are.

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