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    Oil temps and cooling routing

    Well everyone knows that if your engine runs cool, you have excess wear in the engine, if the oil runs too hot, the oil breaks down way too fast.

    With the majority of conversions and open loop setups running water from the bottom of the Jpipe to the oil cooler, I check the water temp running from J-pipe to the oil yesterday on a ride, all day the water temp never got to 100 deg F (which is where my autometer Temp gauge starts to read) - which to me indicates oil temps would be running too cool if this is the case.

    I normally run the water from the head through the oil cooler where temps are around 160F which is about where I would expect the oil temps to also remain.

    has anyone ever checked their oil temps? and where are you checking the oil temps from?

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    I drill and tapped the fitting below the oil filter, and put a gauge on that oil galley. I've seen them also on the back of the head on that oil galley as well.

    Don't use the J-pipe water. It's way too cold, especially on a long run with tons of water pumping through there. I drunk that cool-aid a long time ago. Mistake.

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    you don't have to run water to the oil cooler as long as the water your riding in is't hotter then 85f.I ran the rxp for a year at eng temp 140 oil 215 I bin running the gprxp for a month and 1/2 this way works great

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