R5WaterXRacing is pleased to bring you the 2011 R5WaterXRacing Tour Schedule. Dates are firm and we will be releasing site info VERY soon.

Please stay tuned to www.r5waterxracing.com or www.ijsba.com for updates as they become available.

April 16-17th

May 14-15th

June 11-12th

July 2-3rd

These dates as of right now are firm but could change at the request of a host site. So far we are locked in with 3 different host cities and are just waiting for the ink to dry and some final logistics to be worked out. We are currently hard at work narrowing down the last site out of a potential 5 on the list that all have awesome venues and things to offer.

Thank you to everyone and we will be updating everyone very soon with more info. We also are looking at releaseing possible minimum payout structures for eacg round as well.


R5WaterXRacing, LLC