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    GP1200 Skat 12 vein pump

    I have a Skat 155mm 12 vein pump for the older GP1200 with Skat nozzle and two interchangeable rings 83 & 84mm I need to know how much it is worth. Any feedback would help. Thanks Bill

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    used = about 800 bucks plus shipping. (just a guess, seeing that they are much more brand new.)

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    Thanks Abbott I am just trying to get a ballpark idea I am going to be selling a whole bunch of older nice GP stuff and a few things I have no idea about. I figured the fpp triples with custom mandrel bent tubing to the water box and outlet with custom water box would go around $900-$1k they have been powder coated and never used sat in a guys garage for 5 years The one thing I had never seen before is a Dan Lamey set of cylinders for the 65U that are able to be set up for Gas PV's real rare item. This guy used to hangout at Dan's house back in the day. I will be listing a lot of stuff here and on ebay for him he is going to port my GP cylinders for me.

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    Sounds like you must of had a good chat with him Bill. Will check up on the guy making the trim tabs for me tomorrow, would be nice to get them on before the weekend, but don't think he will have them done as I said not to rush, just fit it in.

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    Here is a partial list with most of the big items this came from a 99 GP1200

    99 GP Factory lightened Race Hull with custom hydraulic trimsystem and Trailer (sale pending localy real cheap $600 so make offers fast if you want this)

    Umi Steering with Renthal Bars

    Racing seats rear is carbon fiber

    MSD ignition complete flywheel pick up plate programable ignition

    Riva CDI

    Riva race sponsons (smaller ones)

    Rad charging flywheel

    fpp tripples w custom mandrel bent tubing and water box

    Skat 12 vein 155mm pump w Skat nozzle and extra rings 83 & 84mm impeller and shaft included not sure of pitch yet.

    MRD fuel injection complete with pump and instructions

    R&D grate

    R-Pot plate

    ECWI for the tripples

    Hot Tach III w probes for the tripples

    BlackJack 48mm modified oem carbs w modified intake F/A's and socks

    oem Reed cages w R&D stuffers unknown aftermarket carbon fiber reeds

    VF-II reed cages with modified intake spacer

    Riva steering Nozzle

    Reed spacer

    (2) Cool heads w domes 32cc & 38cc

    Riva coupler new in package

    Jet works valves many 1/4 & 3/8 new and used

    Carb parts N&S, jets, springs lg box full of stuff

    Fuel air seperator

    Fuel Pump lg novi type not sure of brand yet

    6mm stroker motor built by Dan lamey couple sets of extra cylinders

    4mm stroker cylinder ready for power valves one up from Dan Lamey

    new still in plastic and grease 6mm Stroker crank T&W and balanced

    couple sets of ported cases clearanced for stroker set up.

    Fluid Coupler-Sold

    Monkey Grip motor mounts-Sold

    couple of good starters

    oem ignition stator w cover flywheel CDI

    I will have pictures and more stuff Friday night I will post then or Saturday
    anybody interested start making me some offers via PM all will be going on ebay over the next few weeks.

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