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    Bleeding oils lines

    I'm inspecting all my oil lines and they look great for a 00. They are clear and have white zip ties holding them. Is this OEM or have they been replaced?

    I saw one that had an air bubble in it. Not the main hose but one of the hoses for one of the back 2 carbs or balancer. I noticed it also touched the block in one spot so I tied it up to keep it off.

    I read about bleeding the lines at the air bleed screw on the pump but my pump line appears to have no air bubbles. All the lines are full and this is the only bubble I can see. Does this work itself out? I don't see a procedure on clearing the bubble out in the small outlet hoses. It's not even a full bubble. It's more like half the size of the line.

    Ski runs normal.

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    I would just go ahead and replace them if you haven't already. Takes less than an hour and 15$ for peace of mind.

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    A small bubble in the line to the carb shouldn't hurt. It will probably work it's way out of the hose, and it sounds like oil is getting pumped through the hose. A bubble at the pump inlet can be fatal because if could air lock the pump.

    I don't think zip ties were standard, at least they weren't on any of my Kawasakis. They won't last and will get brittle with age and break. Kawi uses a small wire spring clamp. I prefer stainless steel safety wire on my oil lines.

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    One little bubble is not a big deal. If you havent replaced the lines, you should consider doing so like see said. I just did mine a couple weeks ago. My pipe was off for another job, so it was easier to do the swap with the carbs still installed. I used the OEM spring connectors AND small zip ties at each connection point. I replaced the OEM oil lines with yellow tygon. Now I can see the oil in each line very clearly. To prime the lines I used an old fuel bulb from an RC airplane.

    Holds much more than a small syringe, and allows me to push one constant wave of oil into the line. I push towards the carb with the line off the carb, but right next to the nipple. As soon as I see the oil come out the end of line I hook up the line. I keep my pressure on the bulb and clamp off the end right next to the fuel bulb nipple with forceps. Then I remove the bulb and focus on routing the line. Final step is to connect line to the oil pump and unclamp forceps. Then you can do your safety wire and securing. I have photos but just haven't edited them yet. An inspection mirror helps a lot with this job.

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    I am assuning this is an Ultra? If so, as stated the stock oil lines used a little spring clamp on both end. If they are held on with wire ties, then they have been touched before.
    Also, the routing of the lines is a giveaway. If the carb lines are not wiretied to the Carb bracket that connects the carbs, then they have been touched.

    Also, if you replace the lines, a smiple way to prefill them is go to the drug store and by a medicine dispensing seryinge (they are much bigger than a normal one) (sorry for the spelling) They fit the lines and you can pump oil in them from the pump end to the carbs and balancer eliminating any air. Or you can use the one in the above post.
    Be sure to bleed the pump too, the philips screw on top of the pump, loosen it until you get oil out, does not have to be running.

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    They have been changed then. All ties are the same and they are on the carb bracket. The rear balancer has a holder and was not on the bracket. It is now. Not that the line would burn but it would shorten it's life span with contact so I moved it.

    I went over every line last night with my mirror and flashlight. They are all full as is the main feeder line. Both ski's are the same.

    These appear to be clear lines but with the oil in them they look blue/green. You can see the oil easily inside them.

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