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    04 ultra 150 no start

    ok guys bakround:2004 ultra 150 bought this with a blown engine and did a SBT motor. cranks all day but wont fire up. I pulled the plug. got no spark. also the plugs arent wet like theres no fuel getting inside the cylinder either. need some help guys. I hate electrical..

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    Did you hook up the stator wires(blue, yellow, black connectors?) Did it have spark before the new motor? Did you unhook the ignition box? If it has no spark and the plugs aren't wet you don't have fuel to the carbs yet. I had to choke mine and crank it for 15 seconds about 10 times to get it to fire. Be sure to run premix also on the first tank or two.

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    I do not know if there was spark before because the motor was seized and would not turn at all. a member on PCW today suggested tpo prime the carbs which I did not do. so I will get that done...

    the yellow/blue connectors are connected. I did not touch the Ign. box at all. I dont see any obvious connectors not connected.

    actually I do have one thing. its a green connectors on the left side towards the rear or the engine capartment. It has a sensor on it but I cant find where it goes. Ill get a pic of it.

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    IIRC the green connector is the ambient temp. sensor. It should get spark w/o it but will blink on the display and be in limp mode.

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    lol I wondered if it was that because it has no threads and literally looks like it hangs there. I am gonna see if im getting power to the ign box. anymore ideas?

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    Do SBT motors come with stators? You may have a bad stator, unhook the connectors and when you crank it check for voltage from the stator. There is a spec somewhere in the manual on how much voltage at each connector. I know one connector is to charge the battery, another one is to power the igniter/coils, not sure what the other does since it's only 1 wire, unless it's ground.

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    The green connector is the temp sensor for the engine bay. It is a black box with a sensor hanging out. Just glues on the side above the fuel filter.

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    thank you! SBT did not send new stator. I reused it from the orig motor. I will check that voltage


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    ok so I got spark and got fuel into the carbs.. now its backfiring through the intake??? is the stator bad or anything else??

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