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    GTXis ltd 2010, hinged seat broke twice

    My hinged seat broke twice in a year. The black plastic peace that holds the gas strut, broke twice. This is the plastic piece which is located on the seat side.

    Has anyone had a similar problem ?

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    Happened once...

    It looked like the gas shock skipped the thread and the plastic gave way...

    How did it break? Were you pushing it closed?

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    Its a 2009 GTX iS model, made a typing mistake.

    It must have broken while I was closing the seat. I did not put any more force than I normally do, while closing the seat. It broke in the middle, at the treads.

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    Happened to mine as well. Mine broke twice right at the threads. I wasn't sure if I did anything wrong the first time and handled it very carefully after that. The second time it broke while we were beached and not even on the ski, just heard a pop and it broke at the same place. The plastic part on top of that shock just snapped.
    If it happens again I'll leave it off.Seadoo and these shocks just don't seem to work all that well together, regardless if they are on seats or covers of any sort. Something always breaks.

    P.S. First time it broke it caused about $1200 in damage. It jammed itself between the actual seat hinge and the bolted section, ripped it right off. Luckily it was covered by warranty but still was without a ski for a couple weeks. Second time around I made sure that wouldn't happen again before I opened the seat.

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    Yes, I have seen this a few times now.

    The art is to get some thread-loc on the threads on the top and bottom of the gas-shock, and occasionally check them to make sure they have not managed to unscrew themselves.

    Never had them fail once done this way, but the clip will break, and needs careful re-assembly to fit a replacement.

    i check this as a matter of routine on the MY09-10's now.

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    Happened to mine at the dealer walk through and again on the water. All warrantied but makes me nervous.

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    Broken seat gas strut yoke GTX155

    Yes this has happened to my Seadoo 2010 GTX155 - 7 months old and just short of 25 hour service and the black plastic yoke screwed onto thread of seat gas strut was noticed broken after a sea run and lifting seat again. No warning or any symptom of hard seat closing or anything abnormal. It seems the plastic yoke is too weak for the task and is a latent design fault with this item. It will be replaced under warranty next week with the 25 hour service and I will put the Dealer on notice that this is clearly a design problem and they will be responsible for replacement of any such reoccurrence under Australian Consumer Law. Clearly not fit for purpose which now joins the problematic rear deck hatches that have already leaked and been renewed. Nice craft but there are clearly some detail problems showing up here.

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    I've got two 2009 RXT Is' and they both have broken.
    I took the shocks off, because all they do is hold up the seat.
    I may look at fabricating the shock tabs out of aluminum.

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    This has also happened to me four times, I have solved it by buying 6 pieces at a time so it is just changing. This is perhaps not the best solution but a solution that works for me.


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    Update: As well as the seat gas strut plastic end breaking on the GTX155 now the front storage hatch one just broke on the GTX155 after only 37hrs running time(1 yr old and another year of warranty to go). It was noticed broken after opening the hatch after a weekend away for cleaning and storage again. The plastic T arms that fit into the recess in the hatch had clearly snapped off while in use. It's obvious that the plastic ends of both the seat and hatch gas struts are not up to the task as the compressed gas shocks are under shock load whilst underway on the water. The local dealer had the warranty replacement plastic T end in stock, clearly as they know about the problem. It seems Seadoo know too as apparently the latest model update has done away with the gas strut idea for a much larger click in place plastic hinge setup that needs no strut to hold it open. Seadoo should continue to replace the problem parts with their poor design for older model owners from here on if they value their good name.
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