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    drilling and taping manifold

    Posted in the how to section but got no answer so I'm gonna try here.
    Want to install a a/f gauge on my 08 gtx 215. I know the exhaust manifold can be drilled and tapped to put an O2 sensor in it. My problem is i'm living in Canada and it would be over 100$ shipping (back and forth) + the cost of the job itself. I am mecanicaly inclined and have no problem using a drill and a tap but just wondering ifI am correct. see post #84 and tell me if I am ok.


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    Correct, seems like I drilled mine slightly off center away from the brass fitting to be sure that the shoulders on the 02 sensor would clear the fitting when threading in. If you have a drill press it's much better, will help keep the bit from wobbleing at the top of the hole. Remember that the 02 has shallow threads and the top of the tapped hole is important to keep true when drilling. I think I remember drilling about an inch deep before punching through. Be sure to keep your threads clean when making the tap, go in a little ways and back out to clear tap, go a little further and back out to clear tap, repeat till finished. Not real hard but take your time and youll get it perfect..

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