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    new seadoo owner needs help

    We need some help
    We purchased our son a new sea doo gsx or maybe gtx (951) millinium edition in 2000, but we almost never rode it much becuse we used our larger family boat together.
    it now has 19 hours of use and last summer he gave it to me,
    we put in the shop to have looked checked out , I had the pistons and sleeves replaced becuse they found some minor pitting, the carbs rebuilt just to be sure we did not get stranded, and the fuel sender replaced becuse it had stopped working, all to the tune of over a grand, it was a lot of cash but seemed worthwile becuse cosmeticly the ski was almost perfect.
    we took out and ran slowly for about three hours sometimes stepping up to 5k or so rpms to break in and then suddenly she just shut down to an idle and simply will not accelerate over about 3000 rpms. My 200 EFI merc has a low oil shut down that does the same thing in case of a overheat situation, but i dont feel like thats the issue here,
    i have since read that the grey fuel lines seadoo used may be clogging the carbs and it feels that way.but why would it idle and run strong just to the 3500rpm mark each time?
    is anyone familliar with this situation?
    I really dont want to spend a lot of money again becuse it seems that these skis dont hold value well and it may no longer be worth the repairs.

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    We really need to know what model? also is it a DI motor? (fuel injected)

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    I have had a similar situation with my 99 GTX. If you haven't replaced the fuel lines, they MUST be changed. In addition to the lines, the fuel selector valve can clog and slow the fuel flow. That ski should rev to around 6900, so if it only goes to 5000 then something is wrong. I have been under the seat of my GTX lots and lots of times, if I can help, let me know. The 951 doesn't deserve the bad rap it has. With some care, they are a reliable motor.

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    thanks for the info,
    it is definately not a DFI model, but the basic two cylinder silver 951
    and it was running perfect and super fast six or maybe even close to seven years ago.
    but then i let it sit for several years and then had to rebuild the heads and carbs.
    we babied it for a couple hours to break in as i said, but then it slowed way down and sounds like it gets bogged down and will not go over about 3000 rpms in the water.
    it sounds possable that the small flow of fuel will alow up to 3000 rpms but then restricts and wont allow any more speed.
    is there a aftermarket fuel line replacement kit you guys would recommend or is it a job for the
    i am pretty mechanical but dont really have the free time to tear it all apart and get to the small parts
    thanks again

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    If you're mechanical, by all means do it yourself. Just replace the lines one at a time and then replace the fuel selector. Plain old NAPA fuel line is all you need with some stainless clamps. Another thing to check is to make sure your Rave valves are clean and moving freely, also an easy task.

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