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    4TEC Piston Ring differences? 1.25mm vs 1.5mm??

    I am in the middle of a rebuild and order one new piston and ring set(420890082) along with two new ring sets(420890380). The top ring from the piston set (420890082) matches my old rings at 1.25mm. The new top ring(420890380) is 1.5mm. These part numbers came from the same parts catalog for a 2004 GTX SC 185hp is the catalog wrong and if so does anyone know what year/model has the correct 1.25mm top ring?

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    Sorry just answered my own question.
    17 SKU: 420890380
    Piston Ring Set, Standard, 100/91.6x1.5 up to engine serial no. 5846850 1 $50.69
    17 SKU: 420891124
    Piston Ring Set, Standard, 100/91.6x1.25 from engine serial no. 5846851 1 $50.69

    I ordered from and they were missing the description about the serial number doh!

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