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    2 2005 RXP's with Dual Trailer

    I'm very new to this Forum and PWC's in general. Started looking around and found two 2005 RXP's with Dual Trailer about 65 hrs on each, for roughly $10,995. Like I said i'm new and i'm not sure if this is a good deal, an ok deal or if there are other PWC's for the same price I should be looking for. I just want to have fun, and maybe tow a tube here and there.

    Any comments or suggestions would be awesome.


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    I picked up my 04 rxp's with trailer/vests/covers for 10k even. They have 49 and 57hrs respectively. Not sure if i got a good deal or not, but that may give you a ball park.

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    did you check pwc blue book? That will tell you what kind of deal you got.. I also just got a good deal on my two 06 RXP 215hp with two place trailer for 10 grand and they have a little over a 100 hours each with rebuilt super chargers already done, I was real happy about that.. Cya Slick

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