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    08 RXT-X P0562 Low Voltage

    Got a 2008 RXT-X showing P0562, Ive done a couple searches and tried the typical things like the fuses and replaced the battery, still same issue. Whats the likelyhood of the voltage regulator/recitifier going bad on these? Ski stays in salt water, but the connections look good. Next steps of action??

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    I had the same problem on my 07 rxt one month ago. I replaced the rectifier and the problem was fixed.

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    I had the same problem first look the fuses it is one 30amp(red) there is next to the main fuses to the cable from battery in my ski RXP.
    Second look the battery if it is low charge when you start the engine the power goes less than 9volt and the ECU take's it as problem.
    You can go to the seadoo dealer and check it with the tester.
    You can also check the VOLTAGE REGULATOR they are all the same from 2004rxp until now take one from a friend and test it.
    And last and more expencive is the stator but it is imposible for my opinion because your ski is very new.
    You can also check it to the dealer.

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    Ive had to replace a stator on a ski that sank. It wasnt rusty or anything when I took it out. but its very rare. a volt meter will tell you if your charging or not

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