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    Exclamation Inline bulb primer on Ultra 150

    Would like to get the Ultra 150 to start a little quicker and easier on the starter....thinking of putting a small inline primer bulb (like on boats) in the fuel line.

    First thought is to put it between the tank and the filter, that way the filter will save things in case of bulb failure, etc.

    Or should it go in the return line (going back to the tank) and act as a vacuum pulling gas into the carbs instead of pushing.

    Any thoughts or suggestions....will get a high flow you think there will be any restrictions to the performance.

    What do you think....

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    I keep hearing these stories about long starts but both mine fire right up cold or warm. I think they are picky about choke or throttle use when starting though.

    I half choke cold and wait for it to fire and blip of gas. Warm is hit starter and blip gas to steady.

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    There are guys on the Yamaha jet boat website that use them with engines about this size, no problems. I kind of like the idea of putting it on the return side to keep crap out of the lines, but wonder if you could possibly damage the carb diaphragm if you pumped it and left the fuel selector in the Off position. Don't know.

    I run primers in all my engines. They start instantly.

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