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    1996 sl900 cavitation?

    I bought the sl900 with a broken ride plate and intake grate.I have replaced both with r&d parts and also the impeller with a nujet 6.0 on take off it cavitates? bad but if I feather it with the trim all the way down I can get it going then it will do 53mph. Please help Thanks Thom

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    What happened that broke the ride plate and intake grate?

    A faulty seal between the intake/ride plate/ water inatke can cause cavitation.

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    not sure what broke the parts hull does not have any problems I will check the seal thanks i will let you Know what i find out thanks

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    I don't know what caused my ride plate to depart from my 750 SL either, but I do recall all of a sudden feeling a sinking feeling while riding, and then a severe loss of control and a top speed of about 30 mph. There wasn't a bump, jerk, or anything, but when I put the thing on the trailer, all that was left of my factory ride plate was an inch in the right front corner..... This happend years ago. Never damaged the hull.

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    took it apart and replaced the coupling with a spare and resealed everything with silicone runs great now Thanks Thom

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    Quote Originally Posted by astfu View Post
    ...runs great now

    Thanks Thom
    Another happy customer

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