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    Hurricane and SL 1050 (1200) for sale

    Hey all...sorry I haven't been on here lately...been really busy trying to get some things done around the farm. Anyways...I am putting my Hurricane and SL 1050 up for grabs. If you want to know all the details and what all has been done to them...go to the polaris project forums and you will be able to see everything done to both of them. The pink pom will be up for sale in a few weeks...still need to put a new seal carrier in her but after that she will be ready to roll again. I might even have a double shoreland'r up for grabs with the skis as well. if you want the hurricane, sl 1050 (1200), and trailer package i will sacrifice if for $5000. if they don't sell then i will start parting them out sometime this winter. thanks for looking all.

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    Sorry to see you leaving the Polaris PWC family...

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    What a shame....

    You just put all that $$ into them last year.

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    i know...i really hate doing it but with a new house in the works and a baby on the need to start going.

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