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    MSX 150 Oil Filter - Who Has The best Price? NAPA-Watcon-Polaris-Babbitts-Generic?

    At 25 hours, I think I am going to need a few filters next year. I need one now for last oil change before storage.

    The online guys (babbitts) have a good price, but shipping kills them. Do the Weber dealers have the filter? Any way to find out who makes it and get it from them? What about NAPA or other parts stores that can get Jet Ski parts?

    Recommendations would be awesome.

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    Have you compared pricing across the various online Parts Sources?

    The snowmobile guys may have some tips. Check into the Polaris sled forums, as some Polaris snowmobiles also use the Weber engine. So do a few Polaris ATV models (RZR).

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    USA shipping from Watcon is approx $10.00.. This is an exclusive Weber / Polris item and isn't manufactured by any aftermarket company's. I may not be the cheapest, but I have it in stock...


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    Thanks Randy. I will make a deal with a Polaris dealer, I think, to save shipping.

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