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    Thumbs down Going rate for painting a GPR? I can get mine done for $500...paint included *pic*

    I got someone that will paint my 2000 GP1200R for $500 including paint and whatever colors I want....Mine currently has no stickers and no foot pads but have black hydroturf for when its done and will be getting a new seat cover once I figure out what color I want to paint it. I was thinking something with metallic blue and metallic black. Is $500 a good price, I would say so but just seeing what most people are paying since I see alot have 2nd paint jobs on theres. He's a friend's friend and he painted my friends ski which is below, which is for sale by the way. Deff did a nice job.

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    I think I paid $750 to my ski and cowlings painted.

    After riding it for a seasons and a half, I probably wouldn't paint a ski again. I have a couple of chips in the paint due to some dock incidents. Can't be buffed out, only filled in. It's something to think about.

    I heard something about people using single stage paint? No clear coat invovled. I would look into that too.

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    Isnt single stage the "lower of the line" painting process? Like what you get from maaco for a cheapy paint job instead of a base and clear which has more depth to the clear and if scratched the clear could be buffed out, rather than scratching the actual paint?....My current paint is bare in some area and is just a mess, plus I got the whole ski with fresh motor for $500 so its not like im putting in money I couldnt get back if needed.

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    single stage paint is lower of the line for a car. for a boat i think its probably what you would want if you cant have it gel coated. ive never seen a good repaint on a ski ever.

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    Stock paint is single stage. its far more durable because the clear coat doest get chipped and cracked. Good 3 stage paint will run you around $500+ just for the paint and clear. I will never ever paint another ski with 3 stage unless it is going to a museum. Sure it look better, but it also get destroyed that much faster.

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    addicted is absolutely correct. Use a single stage enamel with a hardening agent in it. It is far less likely to chip. It is more likely to spider crack upon impact but that is better than having paint come off and seeing white underneath it.

    my .02- paint it in a single stage white. its not an exciting color but it will hold up the best and it will give your ski that factory fresh look.


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    Oh and as for price- I dont know where you are located but my painter will do a gpr for $200 per side ($400 for top and bottom) IF you bring it to him already sanded and prepped. If youve got the time, sanding it should save you a few bucks but $500 for the entire job is a good deal

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    1+ on the single stage two part epoxy enamel. It runs $150 per qt 1 1/2 qt will do the top deck. I used Emron. Only mix what you need it has a 4 hour pot life. PS do not mix prep-sol with the paint as the activator can looks the same.

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