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    parting out pro1200

    looking to see who would want what,factory pipe triple pipes w/pro785 waterbox.would sell everything i have associated with this ski minus motor.the polaris black 1 piece head cover would be included as well as the 92 oct domes and lots of other stuff like a long drive shaft 22 3/8" long AND a backup long shaft.has another black seat that needs work.2 intake grates fitted to this hull.perfectly working mfd and trim.going to make my tx the primary ski and a plain virage the wifes ski.or post here as to which parts you would be interested in

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    How much you asking if you just pull the motor and sell everything else as is..... hull and all ready to go?

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    I am curious about the MFD. If no one has claimed it, let me know your price and we can work something out.

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    When you say, "Seat that needs work" do you mean just the cover or the seat itself? I desperately need a seat. Let me know.

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    Got any thumb throttles for it?

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    How much for the ebox with cdi shipped to Vero Beach FL 32960? Please email me with the price to ..include your paypal address, very serious cash in hand ready to send. Thanks!

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