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    Ethanol E15 Update

    Rumor has it a decision has been made on increasing the ethanol content in gasoline. It sounds like good why are people in the marine industry still concerned?

    Ethanol E15 Update

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    because most marine fuel tanks sit with fuel in them for extended periods of time and the ethanol tends to create issues with older motors that are carburetor-ed. That and ethanol is actually very corrosive and tends to eat rubber hose that arent approved for ethanol. I use either that Star-tron or Stabils ethanol treatments in my boats.

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    I made the mistake of making public comment to the EPA on this business last year. I got mondo hate mail from a number of folks in the ethanol business, but my letter was picked up in a number of other forums for aircraft owners, who are worried about this trend. What I had suggested to the EPA in their request for public comments was a bigger push on flex fuel vehicles ( which run 85% ethanol) to bolster the demand for ethanol and reduce oil imports. E85 is only available in limited markets due to economics. E10 was really a stopgap to allow the retirement of MTBE as a fuel additive..and most of us in the service business have seen the results.

    If the current administration is really all that interested in economics, we should have mandated flex fuel vehicles only by 2020 and plan on going to a full ethanol fuel system in the US by 2030. Brazil runs on pure's possible, but we have to deal with millions of engines of all kinds that simply cannot run on this product.

    It's BAD NEWS for the marine industry, among others. I wish you'd read up on this a little more jeff, before baiting a large forum like this to go to your site.

    For those of you that may not be aware of this ethanol is added to fuel at the terminals as they are going into delivery tankers.

    Of course, you should know that the current administration shot an arrow in the heart of the marine industry with some off handed comments about boating and the current economy.

    Try getting a loan for a new ski or boat...let me know how you do.

    Don't get me wrong...I am ALL FOR E85 and flex fuel engines. Let's make tens of billion gallons of Ethanol in the US this year. Let the government stimulate new infrastructure to distribute E85 fuel instead of giving banks the ability to build more banks. ( pay attention to how much new construction in your town is new banking) Give us HUGE tax credits to buy flex fuel vehicles/ Phase out 90% of gasoline for motor fuel by 2030

    have a look here:

    (I'm mentioned on page 33 btw, and in good company too)

    check the comments of the GM spokesperson for Biofuels there jeff ( page 27). THAT"s the problem

    ( sorry for the ranting but as somebody who is in the boating industry jeff, I didn't notice YOUR NAME in the list of folks who have made comment to the EPA regarding the E15. proposal)

    Thanks for posting this..give me a chance to let a few more people find out what this is REALLY about

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    If adding more ethanol to fuel makes so much economic sense, how about letting us decide what we want to buy instead of another goddamn gov't mandate that takes away our choice. It seems to me that it wouldn't be that hard to offer both 100% petroleum fuel & ethanol blends side by side at the pump. Instead of the fuel being premixed before it's delivered, couldn't they add another tank of 100% ethanol at the stations & have it mixed at the pump like they do to get 89 octane? Yes, it would require gas stations to make further investment into their business to offer the higher ethanol content fuels, but that could be incentivized with tax breaks. We are the most technologically advance country in the world because we let the free market drive innovation, or at least we used to. I'm tired of being "nudged" & shoved by the nanny state telling me what's in my best interest. What happened to "build a better mousetrap" & the public will WANT to buy it.

    Oh & BTW, it seems every time they up the percentage of ethanol in the fuel my mileage goes down, so how much money are we really saving by using it?

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    right right and right

    the logistics of ethanol is what the problem is..adding another tank?..forget it. Not happening as the gas station business runs on margins that make gel coat look like bulletproof glass.

    ethanol has far less power then gasoline. Our suppliers here at the lake get our gas without ethanol and my wife's car does at least 10% better on a long trip fuel wise.

    We're not in the ethanol business to save money...we're in it to stop giving our money to people who would like to see our countrty fold so they can take over.

    Individual fuel stations may get gas unblended..if they so choose and if state laws don't mandate ethanol...they will pay more for it. Our suppliers here did not take the opportunity to raise prices..they could have..but they didn't. Gas with ethanol up the road sells for the same exact price. Boats line up at the ethanol free stations on weekends like never before.

    I believe florida mandated ethanol for all fuels..

    ethanol is a clean fuel, less power then gas, but crikey, you can make it from corn.

    But like everything else in our great coutry, momentum is hard to stop. Future 4 stroke pwc can certainly be engineered to support flex fuel, two strokes however cannot..they are going to be dead in the next few years anyway as inland bodies of water start placing restrictions on them.

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