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    94 sl 750

    some one might have asked this before and if so sorry for asking again ..
    the ground wire on stator was missing its coating near the starter any ideas why? my stator checks out ok..also are there reeds out there for this machine (Fuji) engine that are not plastic? and where can i purchase gasket kit..and plastic reeds if that is all i can use thx in canada would be better for parts but will deal with usa stores

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    The common reason for a burned Black stator wire is the plastic battery cover is missing. That allows the metal electrical box to short against the battery posts, and that causes the Black wire(s) to burn. Often the Black stator wire is burned along the entire length, and more wires may be burned inside the electrical box.

    The stock Fuji engine reeds are fairly tough. There are aftermarket reeds available (some are carbon fiber) but a set of new OEM Polaris/Fuji reeds will last a long time. Good condition used reeds are also available.

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    thx i bought the seadoo it had weak spark took it apart found the black wire burnt only about 1 inch long one reed is shot would like to replace them all..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wizarrd View Post
    thx i bought the seadoo...
    Tip: It is not a SeaDoo

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    Quote Originally Posted by K447 View Post
    Tip: It is not a SeaDoo
    Silly Canucks think all PWC's are SeaDoos....

    All I hear at the dock is...'Nice SeaDoo'....or 'I thought you had a JetSki, that's a SeaDoo'.

    Around here a stand up is a JetSki and a sit down is a SeaDoo.

    Outside of Canada I think the general term is Jet Ski, as in a SKI with a JET.

    But whatever....they are fun to ride and that's what matters.

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    They might as well be called seadoos around here. there arent any polaris's around. I didnt see any this year on the lake.

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    i understand that im like the only polaris around me i know of... guess there all stupid and done realize what a real ski is haha im a polaris nut my atv is polaris to cant beat em i tow my ski with my fourwheeler to the boat ramp all the time its like two miles away lol

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