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    speedometer problem

    wife and I just got back from lake travis near Austin Tx. we both ride 07 250's, both have about 110 hrs on them. never had any problems, they have never been in the shop except for recalls. I do all my own maintenance, run synthetic oil which I change often. Ran a Yamaha sho sat. he lost ,twice! My ski is stock except for ride plate. I had to throw this in. My wife bumped a rock and it hit close to the speedo spinner in back. near as i can tell it didnt do anything except scratch the hull near the spinner. Her speedometer quit after this except when she turns to the right, all connections seen to be good , can anyone help or have any ideas, thanks jerry

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    loosen the allen bolts on the wheel , slide it down it might go 1/16 to 1/8 inch more down towards the bottom of the ski that should fix it! it dont need to move much for it to not work.

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    +1 Same thing happened to me and dealer charged me $ 107 to fix. No parts just loosen the bolts and push down like above said.
    Stealer Dealer won't get my sale when I buy the new 300 hp. Haha!!!!!!

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