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    Oil line shrinkage?

    250 hour '01 GP1200R purchased with bad rear cylinder. Once exhaust off saw that back cylinder oil line came off. Tried to put it back on today but it's like the line shrunk in length. I have to pull pretty hard to get it long enough to go all the way back on. I wondered how it came off because it's a straight shot, but now I know. Wanted to quickly get it back on water but looks like I'll have to convert to pre-mix now rather than later, which means removing the rest of the exhaust for access. I'm guessing that this "shrinkage" is why the lines come off rather than vibration which is what I imagined the cause before?
    (My GP760 looks better all the time. Is the extra 10 to 15 mph worth all this "tight quarters" work?)

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    true. the heat shrunk the line, off comes the hose and boom...

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    Time for a carb rebuild if it has not been done. New pulse lines, tunnel reinforcment and a 1200 grate.

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    once you do it a few times it gets really easy to get the exhaust on and off quickly, putting the rear s- shaped pipe back in i have found 2 ways one is a calm thought out process and the other involves cussing at it for about 5 mins shaking the hell out of it and then it just falls in place. It works. I have seen the oil lines off on alot of skis seems to be a cause of alot of the engine failures that come in our shop.
    Since your as far as you are go ahead and remove the front section of the exhaust and replace the check valves that are about 6" up line from the pump and go ahead and replace all the lines at least from the check valves to the carbs with new line meant for oil injection stuff. What i see alot of is the stock lines will spit at the fitting on the carb and come off then the ski is fixed but the dealership just trims off the split end and pushes it back on so therefore the line gets shorter and shorter. When you go to put them back on the carbs just pull that plastic protective cover back a few inches, make sure the line is good and pushed on, and pick up some good quality zip ties that are really small and put the zip tie on the fitting and the oil line to help in holding on the lines.

    i have actually been thinking of safety wire tying the oil lines on there. It just seems that the heat from the catalytic converter that is directly above the lines seems to make them brittle along with, age, and constantly having a petroleum product in them seems to make them get brittle and stiff. I actually wonder if it has somethign to do with the heat from the catalytic converter because i have never seen a front oil line come off its either the middle carb or its the back carb that always seem to come off.

    Anywho good luck with the process i know its a pain in the butt but i have been working on 3 cylinder waverunners for about 2 months now and i have got it down to a science and can remove engine, replace crank, rebuild top end, put engine back in, and have it kicking ass in about 4-5 hours as long as i have all the parts and no other distractions. I do prefer the 2 cyl 2 smokes though they are just so easy to operate on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by toyterrific View Post
    (My GP760 looks better all the time. Is the extra 10 to 15 mph worth all this "tight quarters" work?)
    Hell yeah.

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