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    JD Innercooler $$

    What happened to the $700 target price for the JD innercooler - just went to buy one and it was $980??

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    I tried that thread before i posted, but, somehow I missed the transition from 700 or 800 to almost 1,000 and still do not see it.

    I have an aftermarket intercooler on a turbo car that is about the same price and many magnitudes larger and more complicated. As a matter of fact several friends have water-to-air intercoolers (race only) for their turbos, again, these are very complicated heat transfer devices that do not cost a lot more then this tiny intercooler. I think I fall in the group that can afford the cost, but, feel like we are being taken advantage of. I guess from the original emails I had a vision of price range between 700-800 suggested resale. I can see why the price went up, but, I am not going to help them with their decision.

    I do not buy the cost of R&D as the cause. With access to a hydraulic engine dyno, the process is relatively simple, especially since the engine is out of the hull. All you have to do is wot pulls versus a/f, i/o temps and hp. I log more than that on two cars that i race. My guess is that some of these designs never hit a dyno they work strictly from flow and effective cooling surface.

    I guess i will watch the a/f and go without the intercooler or build my own from a core.

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