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    Which Heads for 750???? Carb question also

    I bought a 1994 SLT750 with the engine out of it for repair. It lost a cylinder. The PO bought a used cylinder and piston for the engine. I noticed that the heads that are on the engine have a number 1 cast in them and the head that was purchased has a number 2 cast in it. Are they interchangeable?? If not, what is the difference, I can't see any or measure any. This is a blue engine. Also the carbs are black, are they correct for this engine?? Thanks for any info. I'm new to Polaris.

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    The casting numbers don't mean much. No problem there.

    Often, the black carbs are from the 780. A good upgrade from the stock 650/750 carbs.

    You'll want to check the jetting in the carbs to see if they are correct for your year ski.

    Be sure to perform the "usual" recommended upgrades.

    How about some pics to see what you got?

    And welcome to the Hulk.

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