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Thread: My delima

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    My delima

    So I bought this Seadoo and it came with a real nice trailor. I registered the seadoo and thats all fine and dandy. But my problem is I couldnt get the trailor registered because there is no VIN or serial number on it. I don't even know what brand it is.

    The lady at the Tax collectors office told me to take it somewhere and have it weighed. Which is fine I can do that. But what are they going to register is as seeing how I have no VIN or numbers for the trailor? Should I just make something up? Or do they just say homemade one something?

    thanks in advanced for a quick response as im waking up in the morning early to have it weighed and tring to get a tag for it.

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    They'll just register it as homemade

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    Same here............I registered my trailer as a home built utility trailer....side benefit is you can swap tag to other small trailers if the need arrises.

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    homemade just guess a weight and save your money on paying some yahooo to weigh your trailer,
    I went to the tax office and told her its homemade and weighs about 200 lbs.

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