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    new SJ guy with questions for the local riders....

    Hey guys, ive allways been a fan of jetskis (except when they buzz me on my kayak or when fishing off my pops boat) but never really had the push to buy one. Recently i took my wife jetskiing on lake mead and she fell in love. Long story short i now own a pair of 04 RXP's. Im looking to put an hour or two on them in the next weeks so the one will break 50 hours so when the service is done they reset the "maint" light. I would prefer lake/smaller river just because my bro wants to try one out (with the white key...). Im looking for a place in south jersey near philly to go riding on this sat...anyone know of a good place? If i dont find something ill probibly just drop them in the deleware but thats less than ideal for what i want...

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    why is the delaware less than ideal?
    What are you looking to do?

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    Basically looking for a quiet place to put a few hours on the skis. Deleware was less than ideal because my bro was planning on coming...but now he's not. I was considering the ramp in west deptford on Tinton rd...has anyone ever used it? I'm actually standing at the ramp typing this. Would be less than ideal for a bigger boat but may work perfectly for skis

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