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    Friend gave me a jetski

    Greetings. I am brand new to jetskis, never owned one before. An aquaintaince is moving and gave me his well loved 1996 STS 750. He said it was having fuel delivery problems (dry plugs) before it was parked. It has been sitting for two years. Other than the fuel problem it needs a battery and has a small rip in the seat.

    I have been checking online for info on my jetski with not much luck so far. In addition to researching on forums like this, I am going to try and find a shop manual and then determine if my limited experience wrenching on motorcycles is enough to get her running or if I should take it to a shop.

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    Welcome aboard, 50msns!

    What a coincidence, I just bought the identical 'Ski today on Ebay. It needs engine work, but I can do that. It was cheap enough, $425. I've got an Ultra 150 and a couple of 750s for the kiddos to play on.

    The most common problem with these things is that people don't winterize them properly and let them sit until the fuel goes bad and gums up the carbs. That's where I'd start. You can get carb kits on Ebay (you'll need 2) for about $80 total. They're simple. If yours has a fuel filter, clean/replace it. If it has stale fuel in the tank, you'll need to drain & flush it out.

    One other thing to check is the oil lines. They are prone to getting brittle and cracking when they get old. Replace them with urethane hose and secure them with stainless steel safety wire.

    Primers will make it MUCH easier to start when cold, saving the starter.

    It wouldn't be a bad idea to replace the brushes in the starter motor, available on Ebay for $30. (In my experience, the bearing that comes in the kit is the wrong one, so plan to re-use the original).

    I'm not sure if your model year has a crankcase water drain or not. Look for a pull cable mounted on a bracket on the exhaust pipe, on the front left side of the engine. If so, it needs to be removed. The seals leak and cause the engine to run lean, burning up the cylinders/pistons. Block-off kits are available on Ebay for about $20.

    You'll also see oil pump block-off kits advertised. If you choose to go to pre-mixed fuel, that's what you use to fill the hole in the front of the engine. The oil pumps are very reliable, no need to remove them if you update the hoses.

    One last thing. There's a big oil filler plug on the front case of your engine--only it's NOT an oil filler plug! Do NOT put oil in there, it's really an access port.

    Hope this helps! We're here when you have questions.

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    Steve45 - Thanks for the welcome and all the great info! Yeah, I had planned on a carb kit (x2) at a minimum since it has been sitting for a while. It does have the pull cable mounted like you describe on the exhaust. I'll be going through everything and checking out hoses etc. Any recommendations for a good repair manual?

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    You can find some sort of service manual on Ebay, either on CD or hard copy.

    Oh, yea, when you run it on the flush hose, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER let the water run unless the engine is running. Start the engine, turn on the hose. Turn off the hose, THEN shut off the engine. If you let the water run when the engine is shut off, water can back up into the cylinders and trash your engine.

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