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    My '92 SeaDoo MSX110 Project

    Here is my '92 SeaDoo SP:

    I got it(for free) with no engine from my cousin.

    Which works out well because I have 2 '04 MSX110 running complete engines(with everything) sitting here with no place to go. So I figured I might as well try to stuff one in the SeaDoo.

    Just sitting in there for now. I will need to make a smaller intake manifold and I think I am going to get rid of the closed cooling system due to space restraints. I'll post up some updates soon.

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    Interesting.. Welcome to the Hulk..

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    Wont that be a fun ride!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeaDooMSX View Post
    Here is my '92 SeaDoo SP...

    ... I have 2 '04 MSX110 running complete engines (with everything) sitting here...

    I will need to make a smaller intake manifold and I think I am going to get rid of the closed cooling system due to space restraints...
    Welcome to the Hulk

    Are both these MSX 110 engines in good running condition?

    Polaris MSX Weber engines in good internal condition are worth some coin. The MSX 150 and MSX 110 engines are mechanically the same, with only the ECU and some turbocharging pieces different.

    An MSX 150 owner with a blown engine would be willing to pay for a good condition engine from an MSX 110.

    If you sold one of those engines, it would pay for a much more modern hull to put the other engine in. If you sold both engines, you could buy a newer year running PWC of any brand.

    The Weber engine is a complex system, highly computer controlled with multiple sensors and cross checks. They can be tricky to diagnose in the stock hull. In a conversion, it could be even harder to get it all working just right.

    What jet pump are you going to use with the 100HP Weber?
    Note: The MSX 150 engine is good for about 135HP, the MSX 110 about 100HP, in stock form. Boosted with Desperado's upgrades you can get circa 170HP.

    If you go ahead with your project, I wish you well. You can find some useful Weber engine info in my signature links

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