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    150 cylinders

    My middle cylinder is toast.. my freind has a spare pto cylinder can i use that one and just remove the grounding posts?

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    I believe the ultra 150 cylinders are all interchangeable. However the exhaust studs are different for the PTO vs the middle cylinder. Just exchange the studs. I know what it's like, my ultra just lost it's PTO cylinder (240 hours will do it) due to slight water injestion, which was due to a leaking carrier seal. I've been recommended to do a fresh top end full kit, not just the one cylinder. You can read up on some of the replies in my thread, it's in the recent posts in this forum section.

    FYI the grounding posts are just on a bracket, so when you unbolt the head to the PTO, the grounding posts will come off with it.

    Good luck! Hopefully, like mine, it'll be back on the water in not time.


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