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    2002 xp di missfire?

    Hi I am working on my 2002 xpdi and need some help. The ski starts and runs fine, but when she gets up to running temp she develops a missfire.

    So far have checked..... battery, fuel pressure, plugs, leads, all ok and cant find any split hoses.

    compression is 125psi per pot.

    does anyone have any knowledge on these di engines as to problems and fixes?


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    before you start chasing ghosts, consider buying a new consumer tool that allows you to pull any system codes the mpem may have stored. DI's are tough to troubleshoot if all the basics are in place. How many hours on the might have an air compressor problem? plenty of DI talk around here you can read up on in the meantime.

    It can get expensive really fast if you start making guesses.

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