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    When starting ski, one crank now nothing...

    96 sl 700 here. Been about 3 weeks since I took it out and it ran fine. Never had a problem trying to crank over till now. Was gonna go to the lake today and tried to start before I left and it cranked once, then stopped. Won't do nothing now. Tried hitting reset button CDI box, nothing. Tested battery, reads 12.20. I believe I have the old CDI kit, part 105.552.02 on it. Took apart CDI box, some connections on terminal board were rusty, grease rusty colored, so cleaned it up. All connections to/from battery are clean. One solenoid connection had a small amount of acid dust, cleaned it off. Can't see all black battery connections, but ones I can see are clean and snug.

    Read a few posts about bypassing stop & MFD switch, but I don't have a MFD, just gas guage. Then ran into a post mentioning the power and fuse side of the connections on the terminal board. I took all the wires off, cleaned them up, but now am worried when I reconnect them I might put them back on the wrong side. Could this be a problem? I have a diagram, and the board is pretty much straight forward on which wire to put where, just don't know which side. BTW, was also gonna do the red/purple to orange switch as mentioned when I put it back together.

    I have a DDM but don't know how to use it very efficiently to check like ohms. Do I need to worry about which side I put these wires back on and if it still won't start, what should I be looking at next? If you're gonna tell me to check ohms on something, a little more direction would be helpful Also read something about bypassing the solenoid at the red wires, but don't know how to do that.

    Thanks to anyone who can help me out!

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    pull plugs to see if water intuded moter

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    Nope, no water in the block. Thanks for the suggestion.

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