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    Domestic pissers?

    Has anyone or any company actually made a set of pisser adapters for domestics?

    I've seen the whole just tapping the dome covers and threading in some barbed fittings, but I don't really like the idea of tapping my billet cover on the 1200.

    I have a source that could probably machine them to my specs for a fairly decent price, but I'd need to send him a design.

    Besides a flange and a barb, what else needs to be considered? So some have screws that allow you to adjust flow?

    Is anyone good with CAD that could draw something up?

    I'd of course ask him to price extras for GH members once I get him a design and he comes up with a price.

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    In a rush now, but I'll PM you later.

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    I'm thinking of making some for my Fuji out of high temp (700 F melting point) transparent plastic, figure that'll make them look cool Shop I work for have couple CNCs open that I can use, so PM me what kind of price you're getting I may take a stab at it. I'll post some pics of my Fuji design (with adjustable flow) soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyA View Post
    In a rush now, but I'll PM you later.

    Too much want.

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