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    Getting ready to sell an XPL. what can I expect to sell it for in this market?

    I have a 99 xpl with a completely new oem motor. It has new cyls, new pistons, and a new crank. I have receipts for everything. The motor has six hours on it. The carbs are clean and fuel lines are changed. It needs nothing. The ski has done 64+ mph on GPS. Everything is stock.

    I used to hate it when people posted 'what is it worth' threads but lately in the current economy It only makes sense to ask because things obviously don't sell for what they are worth.
    I still see them listed fs for $3000 but I doubt thats what people are actually getting.

    What can I realistically expect to get for this ski without a trailer?
    Two stroke seadoos dont sell for SHIT on GH and I know that. What Im asking is- on ebay/craigslist and to the right buyer- whats a realistic price?

    let me know what you guys think.

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    thats what i figured. i put it up for 2800 OBO. Id like to get 2500 for it. This one is clean, new motor, and needs nothing.

    Thanks for the help Jim.

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