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    98 XPL

    FS is a 98XPL and it has a new OEM crank, pistons, and cylinders. The motor has six hours on it and EVERYTHING is documented with receipts. The previous owner was a machinist and an engine builder. I just took it in on trade and do not plan to keep it or put hours on it.

    The ski is completely stock other than some aftermarket handlebars and an aftermarket head (not pictured). It rus low 60s on GPS. The carbs have been cleaned and the fuel lines changed. VTS works. To the best of my knowledge, it needs nothing.

    I have a double trailer available but the ski is going to otherwise be sold without a trailer. Asking $2800 OBO

    PM me if interested.
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    Edit: Ski is now being parted out. The motor, ignition, and waterbox are going into an SXR. Everything else is available. The hull has a clean title. PM me your wants and needs. VTS works, as do the gauges. The pump was recently rebuilt.

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    Pump is sold.

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