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    2000 xl1200 locked up?

    I bought a 2000 xl with the 1200pv motor. It is said to be locked up. I cant get the starter to turn the motor over with the plugs out. I have a good battery with a full charge.. My question is. Is there any thing in the drive line like the middle bearing that could be bad and causing the motor to lock up? Im sure I wont be this lucky, but replacing a locked up bearing is better than pulling a motor. Also can someone recomend a reliable engine remanufacture. Thanks.

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    Check the wear ring they swell and make contact with the impeller keeping the motor from turning over.

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    Ok here is more info. The owner forgot to put the plugs in and filled the ski up with water. He was out on the water riding until the motor shut down, then surprise it was full of water. It was taken to a shop and drained and I'm not sure what else they did. The motor ran fine for 20 minutes and just quit. The shop said it locked up. Does this help?

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    SBT looks good. I don't have experience with them but check it out. I am having problems with my drive or impeller making this weird noise. I don't think it is the wear ring as it looks ok by eye.

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    It sounds like if the boat filled with water you could be locked up or you could have electrical issues. You should be able to pull the spark plugs out and try to rotate the impeller by hand. Can you hear the starter engaging? If not you can check for voltage to the starter.

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