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    weird issue when riding today

    So i had my RXP do something weird. I was riding along at idle, and decided to punch it, she took off like a bad outta he double hocky sticks, i ended up slowing to 35 or so and it was very sluggish accelerating at anything other than near full throttle. I ended up stopping, turning off the motor and rocking it. Once i did that i then started it up, hit reverse for a few seconds then went along my merry way. Once i did that it ran fine, due to the chop i pulled up and didnt go any faster than 62-65mph. Did i fry my s/c or is it likely i just sucked somthing up and managed to rock it out?

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    Sounds like you sucked up something and spit it out when you rocked the ski. When I suspect that I have sucked up a plastic bag or something else, I stop the engine and re-start it at the same time I rock the boat. Usually works.
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    Thanks for the input...that's what I was hoping...just getting a few hours on the bike before I swap out the washers over the winter so I'm paranoid. I don't ride I hard now so j should be ok for one more ride

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