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    anyone know why the SC shaft can't be bought seperately?

    i'm going to be shortening a few SCers and wanted to just buy the shaft, but i've looked at a few places and it is not listed as an individual part for sale. i haven't seen one worn down yet, so i'm kind of at a loss for why it is part of the rebuild kits, as it doesn't seem to be a wear item like the washers and bearings. maybe they do wear out and i just haven't seen one that has been worn enough yet, but that still doesn't help me understand why the shaft, the spacer, friction washer, drive gear, spring washers, and angular ring can't be purchased individually.

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    Good question, but if you were looking for used shafts and parts I would bet there would be a LOT of them around from people who have done rebuilds and kept the old stuff for parts ... I bet you could find quite a few for cheap if you asked ...

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    given that i'm going to be modifying them and completely rebuilding the chargers with the highest quality components i can source out, i'd prefer to buy new ones. i can't imagine it's an expensive part. i did find some drop in 60k+ rpm bearings, but at $180 per bearing, not exactly cost effective, nor would i'd put one of these chargers on a motor that can spin 15k rpm.

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