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    1998 slxh running issue

    the bike runs great and starts fine but u have to hold down the start button for it to stay running. if you let off it dies instantly. hold it down and u can floor it and take off like normal. as soon as u let off the start button it looses spark. what causes that?
    happened when i landed from about a 5 foot jump at the beach just died

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    Something is wrong. Open up the electrical box and look around for anything loose, broken, etc.

    Are you sure you did not change anything in the wiring since it last ran properly? This sounds like the thin red wire for the electrical box is on the wrong terminal of the solenoid.

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    yes, positive i stated in the thread it happened when i landed hard from a jump immediatly when i hit the water it died. i am a mechanic just trying to see if anyone has had experiance with this happening.

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