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    Waterbox, sigle/dual exhaust?'s

    2008 RXT-X
    Wanted to change out the stock waterbox and go with a rear exhaust or maybe even the dual exhaust.
    Recommended waterbox brand?
    Is anyone doing a dual exhaust for this ski?
    I'm I going to have to relocate intercooler?
    Also about 20psi low on a cylinder, is re-ringing the piston an option? Or is having one oversized piston an option? Does OEM have and oversized piston?

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    For the RXT-X go with the Riva rear exhaust or better yet the Riva water box.
    The intercooler will have to be relocated.

    Any custom dual exhaust setup would put the second tail pipe right in the way of where you would be relocating your intercooler.

    Have you done a leak down check on your engine to verify that a piston is not sealing?
    There are oversized OEM pistons available. Item 16 on this page

    For the price of the OE pistons you are much better off going with Riva pistons. They are $224.96 each with the greenhulk coupon code and they also come in oversizes. (towards bottom of this page)

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    I am running a TDR box.. sounds good, fitment is decent. Stock exhaust exit location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadianRxtX View Post
    I am running a TDR box.. sounds good, fitment is decent.

    Same here...I am running the 08 TDR in my 06.. NOW,Depending on how much "noise" your looking for would help in determaning the box to chose..They both fit nice and sound good BUT both have a completely differant tone to them...The Riva is a tad bit quieter than the TDR box...So if you looking for a nice low end rumble I would go with the Riva..If your looking for that high end race boat sound then i would go with the TDR...

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